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IOException: Not enough space (Java heap)
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NOTE: The following information is applicable to earlier versions of up.time. If you are using the current version, refer to the up.time product documentation for the latest information.

The Java heap is a repository for Java objects and free memory. The Java heap size should generally be increased when you have:

  • A large number of service monitors.
  • A large number of reports to run.

Adjusting the Java Heap Size

uptime is installed with a default Java Heap Size value of 1 Gb. For optimal performance, a value of 1.5 Gb is usually recommended.

NOTE: When increasing the Java Heap Size, ensure that the Operating System can support the new setting. If the OS does not have the desired amount of memory available exclusively for up.time, the up.time core will fail on startup.

RedHat, SuSE and Solaris Monitoring Stations

To change the Java Heap Size, modify the <uptime install dir>/uptime.lax (or uptime4d.lax in up.time 4) file to look like this:

NOTE: Java Heap Size is measured in bytes on UNIX and Linux systems.

# --------------------------------------
# Max VM size in bytes

Windows Monitoring Station

To change the Java Heap Size on a Windows system, edit the following line in the <uptime install dir>/wrapper.conf  file:

Note: Java Heap Size is measured in megabytes on Windows systems.

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User Comments

Subject: Do you need to restart the service

From: Cristian <>
Date: 5-23-2006

Comment: Does this change take place real-time or do you need to restart the service or process in order to take effect ?

Answer: Yes, you must restart the uptime4_core or up.time 4 Data collector to update the java heap size.

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