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The Hardware Management Console (HMC) is an interface for managing and configuring pSeries servers that are hosting multiple logical partitions (LPARs). When an HMC is attached to one or more pSeries servers with LPARs, the servers are managed servers. In this configuration, the HMC manages all I/O requests from the LPARs.

To monitor the managed servers and their LPARs, up.time must execute commands on the HMC, which requires SSH (Secure Shell) to be enabled. After SSH is enable, you can remotely login to the HMC using the HMC's user name (default: hmcroot) and password.

To enable SSH on an HMC:

  1. Login to the graphical interface on the HMC.
  2. In the Navigation area, select HMC Management and then click HMC Configuration.
  3. Click Enable / Disable Remote Command Execution.
  4. In the new window, click Enable SSH.

    This creates the authorized_keys2 file on the HMC.

  5. Create a user on the HMC with one of the following roles:
    • Super Administrator
    • Service Representative

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User Comments

Subject: System Administrator II

From: William McNay
Date: 2-26-2007

Comment: The HMC is used solely for configuration of pSeries LPARs and does not channel any data, short of a console connection to the LPAR. As well, the POWER5 HMCs are appliance software utilities, in that you cannot apply additional, third-party, or custom software to the o/s on the HMC. It is incorrectly mentioned that the HMC manages all I/O requests (IBM states that the lpars will remain running, even if HMC is powered off). The I/O requests (disk, network, or otherwise) are controlled by the o/s loaded on the individual partitions (AIX or Linux), not by the HMC.

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