article Default MySQL Database Users and Permissions

up.time is installed with the following MySQL database users:

  • root (password: uptimerocks)

    The user with complete control over the database.

  • uptime (password: uptime)

    A privileged user who can create, delete, flush and drop tables; create and delete indices on tables; and select, insert and delete data in tables. This user can not perform administrative tasks such as creating other MySQL users or killing threads.

    Note: If you change the uptime user's password in the up.time web interface, you must also update the user name in the uptime.conf file and then restart the Data Collector service.

  • reports (password: reports)

    An ODBC user who can select data in tables so they can generate reports using other applications. This user is not used in up.time.

    For information on setting up an ODBC driver, see Connecting to the up.time DataStore via ODBC.

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