DataStore Profile

These scripts will scan the Uptime DataStore and output the oldest data samples in each of the performance tables.  We strongly recommend running this script before running the trim scripts to determine the accurate number of days to retain and after the trim script has run to ensure the proper number of days were trimmed successfully.

How to read the output:

  • The section titled "----- archive policy settings -----" is where you can see how many months of historical data is kept for each part of up.time. Cross reference this information with the information in the docs to see which table is in each section: Archive Categories
  • The section titled "----- finding oldest data in performance tables -----" is the area that will list the oldest record for each table.



  • To obtain this script, click the following uptime7_datastore_profile_oracle.sql
    Note: This script will do a refresh on the table stats for each performance table before running if you find that is taking way too long to run then can remove this section "----- Refresh stats on all performance tables -----" as likely when you are talking months of historical data you don't have to refresh.


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