Uptime Infrastructure Monitor License Extension Request

Welcome to the Uptime IM license key request form. This page allows you to request a new license key for any of the following situations:

  • You did not receive an evaluation license key
  • You would like a longer term evaluation license key
  • You are an existing client using a temporary license that requires an extension or transition to a permanent license.

To request your new license key please enter all information below. If you have any additional questions about new licenses, please contact [email protected].
License requests are processed as quickly as possible on a first-come, first-served basis.

Request an Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.x License Key

Client-id or company name
Full Name:
Reason for Key Request: You did not receive an evaluation license via email
You never Downloaded Uptime IM
Your current key has expired (please include current license below)
You require a larger license key to monitor more elements (please include details in the Comments section below)
You are an Uptime IM client and your temporary 60 day license needs to be transitioned to a permanent license (include current license below)

Current license key (if available)


Please include details on your desired license term and the number of elements to be monitored.

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