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If you are unable to browse to the up.time home page, the problem is usually related to security issues, DNS resolution errors or a stoppage of the up.time web server.

To isolate the root cause of the issue:

  1. Try to access up.time using the IP address of the URL instead of the hostname. For example, if you usually access up.time at http://myServer:9999 and the IP address of that server is, try accessing up.time using
  2. Login to the up.time server and verify if the up.time web server is running.

    On Windows systems, check if the up.time web server is running by entering the following command at the command line:

    tasklist /svc

    If you see up.time Web Server then the Web server is running. Use the following commands to stop and restart the web server:

    net stop "up.time Web Server"
    net start "up.time Web Server"

    Try to access the web interface after restarting the web service.

    On Linux or Solaris systems, run the following command:

    # ps -ef | grep httpd

    Regardless of the service status, try restarting it with the following commands:

    # /etc/init.d/uptime_httpd stop
    # /etc/init.d/uptime_httpd start
  3. Verify if you can locally access the web interface from the monitoring station. In some cases web services may be blocked from external access by firewalls. If the web interface is available internally, contact your system administrator for instructions on opening the firewall to allow external access to the up.time web interface.

    If the web interface is not available internally or if you receive an error when trying to restart the web service, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

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