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up.time displays a list of recent Knowledge Base articles in the My Portal panel. This list is fed to the My Portal panel via RSS (Really Simple Syndication, a method for delivering summaries and links to web content). Click the title of the article to open it in your web browser.

If your monitoring station accesses the Internet through a proxy server (for security purposes), you may see the following message in the My Portal panel:

up.time can't get the latest knowledge base articles from Click here to read what's new.

To access the RSS feed, change the proxy information in the up.time configuration panel by following these steps:

  1. Access the Config tab in the Monitoring Station web interface.
  2. Click up.time Configuration to display the configuration panel.
  3. Add the following entries to the text box:
    • httpProxyHost: the host name of the proxy server that the Monitoring Station uses to access the Internet (e.g.
    • httpProxyPort: the port through which the Monitoring Station communicates with the proxy server (e.g. httpProxyPort=8080).
    • rssFeedUrl: the URL of the RSS feed (e.g. rssFeedUrl=
    • httpProxyUsername: the user name required to use the proxy server.
    • httpProxyPassword: the password required to use the proxy server.
  4. Click Update to save the changes.

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