article Understanding the Status of Services

up.time service monitors can return the following status results:

  • 0 - OK: the services are functioning properly.
  • 1 - Warning: there is a potential problem with one or more of the services.
  • 2 - Critical: there is a critical problem with one or more services.
  • 3 - Unknown: this status is returned when:
    • The host is offline.
    • The host is in a scheduled maintenance or downtime period.
    • The monitoring station could not execute the service monitor.

Each status reflects the state of the service that has been assigned to the system that you are currently viewing. up.time uses these error codes to trigger an alert or action. If a service is in a warning or critical state, you can acknowledge an alert so that up.time does not generate further notifications.

The status of the services associated with a system or a group of systems is displayed in the GlobalScan panel, as shown below:

Service status example

The figures in each GlobalScan panel column indicate the number of services for that particular system that are in each state. Click a number to view the System Status screen for a particular system.

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