article How do I add my license key to up.time?

Follow these steps to enter your up.time license information:

  1. Login to the up.time web interface.
  2. Click the Config tab.
  3. The visible page displays your current license. Copy and paste the license key in the text area. It is very important that your license key maintains a format similar to the example below.
  4. Click Update.

FEATURE elements uptime 7.0 14-jun-2013 uncounted HOSTID=DEMO \

NOTICE="eval20130614122431 " SN=50 TS_OK SIGN="0073 1823 C1CB \

B3C4 CDB0 2E97 D73A ABA2 7144 9989 6D01 806E 1121 AB73 4DBB \

F892 8908 E58B 2723 DE7D E763"


Ensure that the message above the text box accurately indicates your license entitlement.  If it does not, there is a problem with your license key format.

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