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The license key for your up.time monitoring station is bound to the HostID of the system on which the monitoring station is installed. An updated license key is required to move the monitoring station to a new platform. A new license key may also be required when updating the number of monitored elements or if significant hardware changes are made to the monitoring station system.

There are two primary methods for moving your license key.

Re-hosting using the uptime License Portal

  1. Install up.time on your new server and collect the HostID for the new system.
  2. Login to the uptime Support site at
  3. Click My uptime on the upper left of the navigation panel.
  4. Click License Portal. Note that you need to be identified as a valid licensing contact to access the license portal. Please contact your uptime Account Executive or a License Admin at your company if you require help with this step.
  5. You should see a list of your current up.time deployment(s) in the center of the screen. Find the deployment you would like to re-host within that list.
  6. Click the + sign next to the Deployment name to expand the list of actions and then select Re-host license key.
  7. You will then be taken through a wizard to complete the license re-hosting. You will be required to enter the HostID and operating system of the new platform so please have that information available.
  8. At the end of the wizard, a 60-day temporary key will be presented for the new monitoring station server. Permanent keys for the new server can be accessed from the same deployment list after you have completed the migration to the new server.

Re-hosting using a manual written request

To process a new license key, uptime software requires the HostID of the new monitoring station system, along with contact information for both the user requesting the license key change and the manager who authorized the transfer. Enter this information in the document attached to this article and fax or email the document to uptime.

It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to issue a new license key after receipt of request. If you want to migrate to the new monitoring station before you have received your new permanent key (and after you have submitted your change request), contact uptime Support to request a temporary key.


article Rehosting Request Form (Size: 97.1 KB - Downloads: 2657)

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