Tools & Utilities

This page includes a variety of FREE tools that will help you to make the most of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor in your environment. If you have suggestions for new tools or discover a problem with an existing tool please contact [email protected]

Tool Listing

DataStore Sizing Calculator

The DataStore Sizing Calculator can be used to help estimate the growth of your Uptime Infrastructure Monitor DataStore and ensure that you have sufficient database capacity and disk space to support your desired retention policy.

DataStore Profile

These scripts will scan the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor DataStore and output the oldest data samples in each of the performance tables.

Historical Data Purge Scripts

Use a script to purge historical data from your DataStore at the database level as an alternative or to compliment Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s built in data archiving process.

MySQL Table Partitioning

This tool can be used to generate "Create Table" syntax for MySQL Table Partitioning.

Oracle SQL Table Partitioning

This tool can be used to generate "Create Table" syntax for Oracle Table Partitioning.

Plug-in Monitor XML Generator

This web based wizard will help you to quickly create a plug-in monitor template for use with your own custom plug-in monitor. For more information on plug-in monitors please click here.

vSphere Integration: Orchestrator Package Details

uptime integration with VMware Orchestrator involves bi-directional integration between Orchestrator and the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Monitoring Station. This document explains how to setup the bi-directional integration so that both applications can communicate with one another.

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