article Moving your MySQL DataStore to a Remote Host

The default up.time installation includes a bundled MySQL database.  There are several scenarios in which it may be desirable to implement a dedicated database server.  This article provides instructions for moving your datastore to the new remote host.


In the following example, Host1 is the current server and Host2 is the remote database server being installed.

  • Check version of up.time installed on Host1.
  • Install the same version of up.time on Host2.
  • Stop all up.time services on both systems.
  • Move Host2's ...\uptime\datastore\ folder to another location (e.g. ...\tmp\).
  • Copy Host1's ...\uptime\datastore\ to Host2 ...\uptime\datastore\.
  • Open ...\uptime\uptime.conf for editing and change 'dbHostname=localhost' to reflect Host2's hostname.
  • Start the up.time datastore service on Host2.
  • Log into Host2's MySQL database using the following command:

...\uptime\mysql\bin\mysql -uroot -puptimerocks -P3308 --protocol=TCP

  • At the MySQL prompt, execute the following command to grant remote access to the database:

grant all privileges on uptime.* to "uptime"@"%" identified by "uptime";


Note: for additional security (to whitelist only Host1), replace % with the IP address or hostname of Host1.

  • Start the up.time data collector (core) and Web Server (httpd) on Host1. Do not start the up.time datastore on Host1, as it is no longer required for operation.
  • Login to Host1 as usual and confirm that your data is sound.  You can confirm your active configuration in the 'support' link at the top right corner of the up.time web interface.

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